According to the last researches, Bet365 is the most popular online-gambling platform for the couple last years. The history of the platform start in the late 2000, when the company was established. By the way, Bet365 is the first company, which has focused their activity in online. The founder of the company, Denise Coates, is a one of the richest woman worldwide. She still takes the roles of Chief Executive Officer and major stakeholder of «Bet365 Group Ltd». Her fortune consists of proximately 4,6 billion dollars according to Forbes Magazine.

Quite impressive, isn't it? But what if we tell you that you're able easily to become a part of Bet365 and share the revenue from them? It's even more impressive, we guess. That's possible due to Bet365 Affiliate Program, which is available for everyone.

affiliate program bet365

Once you're becoming an affiliate of Bet365, you supposed to generate new web-traffic of new players to the platform's website. As a rewarding for that, you'd take a chance to get the part of bookie's profit from players, you've referred to.

The article you're currently reading would estimate Bet365 affiliates, showing main terms and possibilities, discovering the registering process and payment opportunities. Therefore, it would be much easier to decide, should you have to become a new affiliate or no. Hope that this Bet365 Affiliate review would be useful for you. Here we go.

Commissions structure for Affiliates

affiliate commission bet365

The commission structure is equal to affiliating of any Bet365 brand, such as:

  • Sports
  • Casino's
  • Poker
  • Games
  • Vegas
  • Bingo

Bet365affiliates is using a revenue sharing scheme of payments to their affiliates. It means that you are taking part in lifetime net profit from players that you've referred to the platform. The rate of earnings is stable and composes a 30% from net profits per player. It is pretty sufficient ratio among the others affiliate programs presented in the market.

Registration in Bet365 Affiliate Program

In order to Bet365 Login be proceeded, you have to establish an account and wait until it would be approved. It should not take more than a couple of days. For that purpose in mind, visit Bet365 affiliate website directly or through redirecting from any web-platforms of Bet365 brand's websites. Once you get to the affiliate's website, press on «Join now» and prepare to fulfil a sufficient part of fields required.

registration in affiliate bet365

The information you'd be asked to render consists of your personal data, the info about your company, such as:

  1. Type of your business
  2. Company title
  3. Country of registration
  4. Website URL
  5. Contacts as email and mobile phone

Once it would be filled in, you'd be asked for payment information details or the way you're going to receive your fundings. When it also would be done, you'd have to wait a little bit until your application would be approved by Bet365 Affiliates Team and next you'd receive a further instructions.

It is important to notice, that there is a crucial obligation to insert in only true information about yourself and your company. The data would be protected enough, you should not worry about it. However, in case of writing down something wrong or purport something to keep quiet, it may lead to the lockdown of your account and all of your fundings in would be freezed and blocked. That's not cool.

Rules for Bet365 Affiliate Program

A highly importance issue. As it was mentioned, following the rules is an obligation, as well as breaking them down may over your affiliate career with negative outcomes. Thus, it is exceedingly recommended to revise «Term&Conditions» text by yourself individually while you're registering, instead of its long size boring character.

However, we would highlight the general key options from it, which you need to be aware of anyway. There are:

  1. Being an 18-years old adult or higher
  2. Providing only true information about yourself, your activity and your company, being ready to prove it
  3. Following general marketing guidance and ethics of online-marketing

About general marketing guidance, there is an only way to advertise and attract customers on the behalf of «Bet365 Group» – via your individual affiliate link. It would be generated once you've registered in the program and can be transferred by you to your website or another channel of attracting traffic. It is suspected from you not to use cheating or unfair marketing methods, such as spamming via blogs or emails, spamming through search engine systems, stuffing of cookies or iframing, etc. Breaking any of options mentioned, would tend to... You already know how it might be finished.

By the way, during the first 3 month after establishing an account, you supposed to refer at least 5 players to the platform. Instead of it, you account would be closed, but can be reopened in the future.

Bet365 Review

bookmaker bet365

«Bet365 Group Ltd» as we have noticed before was established in 2000 in United Kingdom as the first online provider of such services. During the next couple decades the company has expanded worldwide and has become a real leader of the industry due to the number of active players.

An innovative approach has always been followed by Bet365 – those are the one's who the first entered online market, who the first allows to wager on wide range outcomes by expanding the sportsline and who the first integrated live-broadcasting on sports events directly into website-platform – it was maintained in 2009 with England vs Ukraine football match broadcasting.

casino bet365

Nowadays, company has a several offices around the world:

  • Stoke-on-Trent – parental office, the place where all were beggining
  • Manchester
  • Sliema
  • Sofia
  • Darwin
  • Sydney
  • New Jersey
  • Gibraltar

The company is still governed by Denise Coartes and being a worldwide leader according to online-traffic volume on the annual basis last several years. On our mind, it is worthy of being part of such company by becoming an official affiliate.

Feedback from Affiliates

partner reviews bet365

Chuck, SEO-specialist

Due to my experience of being an affiliate of the bookie's for the last 3 years, Bet365 affiliates attracts and generates the largest amount of traffic. Started cooperating with them last year and since then having only an excellent impression from partnership program. Strongly recommended!

Mahatma, ex-player and affiliate of Bet365

I was a real fan of sports betting during a large period of my life, wagering on cricket was my main hobby. However, I heard about an affiliates system from my relative and decided to discover this sphere and try on. How I was impressed when I received my first real money from my hobby! I've established a blog and become an affiliate of Bet365, since then I have almost 10 000 active users who are wagering with me via Bet365 platform and become my main source of income. That's more pleasant than just gambling, I can assure.

Webmasters FAQ

The structure is equal to all directions and represents revenue sharing scheme with 30% commission to affiliates. The rate is stable as a concrete.

One time each month whenever you wish.

All payments can be proceeded via any of the payment methods available in Bet365 platform, as well as bank wire transferring and so on. Additionally, you may charge your affiliate earning to your accounts balance as a player in Bet365 platform.

It is completely trustworthy and authority among the others. It is reached by the high level of success of Bet365.

At least 2 – Chuck and Mahatma, who wrote down a feedback in the article. If seriously, it isn't open access info, but we guess that there are a lot of them.