William Hill – ancestor company in the industry of gaming, which has a long-time history among almost a hundred-years. Based in United Kingdom it has expanded over the whole world and popularize activities connected with games of chance to another nations and cultures. It is highly respectful name in that industry and what if we tell you that you might become a part of it?

William Hill Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity to take part in the development of one of the leaders company and make some profits simultaneously. How it works? Let us try to explain.

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After you are becoming a William Hill Affiliate, you can attract new players to the brands of the company and share the revenue from them. Do you owner of a website or popular blog? It doesn't matter what exactly, the only thing required is to generate some new traffic and popularise brand awareness of William Hill.

The affiliate Program is presented for various directions of William Hill's activity:

  1. Sport
  2. Casino
  3. Bingo
  4. Poker
  5. Vegas
  6. Games

We will mostly focus directly on sports activities, however, the another directions are pretty equal. The platform for affiliates is multilingual and has 24/7 support from affiliates team from William Hill. This review would discover the program, it's possibilities and commission plans, so it would become much more easier for you to choose it and become a new affiliate of the legend.

Commissions Structure for Affiliates

William Hill affiliates is presented a range for choice of Tarif plans of obtaining your profits. Choosing the best one should be proceeded according to the type of audience and traffic you have. We would explain all from the 3 main scheme of payments introduced:

  1. CPA
  2. Revenue Sharing
  3. Hybrid scheme

The 1st one, CPA-scheme, or cost-per-action is a scheme which connotes a payments of fixed amount of money per every new player that is referred from you and made a deposit in William Hill brands. The rates are progressive, which means that they are rising according to the increase of the number of players you have been referred to the company.

commission for partners william hill

The 2nd one, Revenue Sharing or RS-scheme, allows to obtain a percentage income from the net profits from players you have been referred. The rate for Sports, Casino, Vegas and games is 30%, for Bingo, Poker, Live-casino and the rest one's activities is 15%.

The 3rd one, Hybrid-scheme, envisions a combination of two previous schemes in once. It is maintaining individually to any affiliate according to his/her type of traffic and it's specifics or characteristics.

Registration in William Hill Affiliate Program

The first step of the process of becoming a new affiliate of William Hill is a registration in their system. It is quite simple to be proceeded, but there are a few important options we would highlight above.

registration for partners william hill

You need to visit a website of Affiliate Program which can be processed directly or via one of the company's brands website redirection. While you would tap to register, there would be introduce 3 forms you have to fulfil with your personal info. The 1st one consists of your personal details info, such as username or password, as well as contact details: email address, your first name and last name, the title of your company and the website, you are planning to attract your traffic from. Additionally, it is required to insert your mobile phone number, address of living and country of presence.

The next part is asking for your payment details or the way you're going to transfer money from the platform. The last part complying of additional information you have to fill it in.

Important notice: write down only the true information about yourself. Hiding something or telling wrong may tend to the blocking of your account in future with all the funds on your balance are freezes. Thus, take it seriously.

The rules of William Hill Affiliate Program

The general rules of being affiliate are presented in Term of Use long juridical text you have to read anyway. However, we would distinguish the main options and key issues from it in order to safe your time.

  1. You have to be at least 18 years old or higher to become an affiliate
  2. You have to fulfil only the legitimate info about yourself
  3. You have to follow the ethics and rules while setting up your marketing campaign

The last one has a crucial importance because it setts a rules of attracting new players. Generally, it consists of the following advices and restrictions:

  • Use creative supplements only if they're approved by William Hill staff
  • Providing all necessary information to William Hill about marketing methods used
  • All the content provided must highlights that it is published separately from William Hill of their brands
  • Not to say to players that success is guaranteed
  • Avoid using direct marketing on behalf of William Hill
  • Social media account used by affiliates must include 18+ years old restriction in a bio
  • No spamming via emails, blogs during your marketing campaign
  • others issues

Review of William Hill Company

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The company was founded in 1934 by William Hill and since then has done a lot to the development of international's gambling. Now «William Hill PLC» is a leading company in the industry and has transformed into Public Company which stocks are trading on the London Stock Exchange by the ticker WMH.

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The company has strict strategy and values, for which is highly respectful between other players in industry. The current management team looks like:

  • Ulrik Bengtsson – Chief Executive Officer
  • Ruth Prior – Chief Financial Officer
  • Matt Ashley – Designate Chief Financial Officer
  • Joe Asher – USA Chief Executive
  • Satty Bhens – Chief Product and Technology Officer
  • Crispin Nieboer – Group Corporate Development Director

Now it's time to you become a part of William Hill – that's worthy.

Feedback from Affiliates

partner reviews william hill

Sarah, Bloger

We with my husbund maintained our blog of cricket lovers a year ago and rewardable to William Hill Affiliate System, have monetised it in the begging of 2020. Now we receiving a monthly profits due to CPA and have never faced any troubles yet.

Joshua, Webmaster

We started working with William Hill after a long-time cooperation with Bet365. I would say that William Hill is much better! We have chosen Hybrid payment scheme and really enjoy it. No problems with withdrawals which are proceeded on monthly basis. Recommend!

Webmasters FAQ

There are 3 options of plans to choose: CPA, Revenue Sharing and Hybrid-plan.

All the payments proceeded during the each month. On May you're receiving payments for April and so on.

There are bank wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal available to choose.

It has perfect reputation and can be characterised as an authority in the industry.

It is a private information. Sufficient amount of partners – let's say so.