betway affiliate program

    Betway is one of the leader in the industry, which is famous for their wide range of products and services available. It is operating internationally since 2006 when it was established. By that time, Betway has expanded into worldwide scale and has licensed in the following regions and countries:

    1. United Kingdom
    2. Malta
    3. Italy
    4. Denmark
    5. Spain
    6. Belgium
    7. Germany
    8. Sweden
    9. Mexico
    10. South Africa
    11. Ireland

    Despite the possibility of being a player of Betway, there is a great opportunity to become a partner of Betway, which is much more perspective. Betway affiliate program provides a chance to convert your traffic into real money as soon as possible. The partnership program is subdivided into 4 main parts:

    1. Sports
    2. Casino
    3. Bingo
    4. eSports

    Current review would estimate Betway affiliates, highlights all benefits and possible mishaps, estimate it due to the others and give you a step-by-step guide of creating an account. Here we go.

    All payment models for Affiliates

    Betway Affiliate has a pretty flexible scheme of rewarding their affiliates for traffic referred. There are 2 main scheme for you to choose: CPA or Revenue Sharing. Let's focus on them in details.

    commission for betway partners

    CPA scheme or cost-per-action means calculating rewards in a fixed amount of money per players you've referred. There is an obligation that a player has to made his/her first deposit, so you would able to obtain profit from him/her. The rate for CPA partnership is not presented in free access, so if you prefer cooperating this method, you should contact to affiliate tech support and discuss conditions with them. Furthermore, there is not only a chance to refer only a players, but another affiliates either. You can refer sub-affiliate webmasters and earn a 2% profits from every player they've invited. Via this way there is a chance to build your own empire, don't miss such pleasant opportunity.

    RS scheme or revenue sharing is alternative way to earn profits from referring players. This way you get paid during lifetime period your players are playing a certain percentage from their net profits. It is more suitable for a long-term type of traffic implying of making by a player regular deposits for a long time. The rates of earnings are progressive – they are changing due to the amount of players you've reffered in. It might comply from 25% to 40% from players money spent.

    Creating an account in Betway Affiliate Program

    Establishing an account in Betway Affiliate system is a quiet simple and quick procedure. Just visit their partners website through the direct link or via redirecting from website of any Betway products sitemap. Once you did that, tap on becoming a partner button and be ready to fulfil all requested spaces with true and correct information about yourself and your payment details. We strongly believe that there is no reason to tell you that it is important to fulfil everything only with true info and being 18 years old adult at least for proceeding this operation.

    registration in affiliate betway

    After you wrote down all the fields, you have to wait a little bit until your application would be approver by staff. It won't take a long time, maybe a couple of days maximum. Once you'd be approved, feel free to Betway affiliates login and start setting up Betway banners on your website, as well as start obtaining money from referred players as a consequence of it.

    Rules for Betway Affiliate Program

    It is strictly recommended not breaking the rules of affiliate program and not trying to cheat with it. In case of catching you with a crowd, it might tend to the blocking of your affiliate account with all the funds freezing in.

    General rules, instead of the mentioned one's, like being a 18 years old or higher and inserting only true information about yourself, are connected with marketing methods you are using to acquire a players. Affiliates must follow marketing ethics and avoid using of prohibited tools, some of which we would mention next:

    • Use creative supplements only if they're approved by Betway
    • Providing all necessary information to Betway about marketing methods used
    • All the content provided must highlights that it is published separately from Betway of their brands
    • Not to say to players that success is guaranteed
    • Avoid using direct marketing on behalf of Betway
    • Social media account used by affiliates must include 18+ years old restriction in a bio

    Betway company info

    Betway it is forms a Betway Group – superior company on this industry, covering several continents and numerous dozens of countries with their services. Their maternal company is Rosehall Global – they both based on Malta and managed from United Kingdom where head office is located in.

    bookmaker betway

    The company was founded in 2006 and since then has expanded in multiple times. Originally it was founded by the Richard Akitt, who was a Chief Executive Office for many years and recently switched out to be a chairman in the Board of Directors. The current top-management team is presented above:

    • Anthony Werkman – Chief Executive Officer
    • Ricky Serfontein – Chief Financial Officer
    • Nick Shepherd – non-Executive Director
    • Bob Dutnall and Lord St. John of Bletso – company’s advisors

    By the way, this information is presented on the official website of the company. Such the highest level of transparency and openness, which adds several points for Betway and describes themselves as fair and candid bookmaker.

    casino betway

    Furthermore, they have a numerous range of partnerships and memberships in various sports and charity institution, which increase the company’s valuables. For instance, just a part of them:

    • Member in Independent Betting Adjudication Service
    • Member of European Sports Security Association
    • Partner of Professional Players Federation
    • Major supporter of Responsible Gaming Trust
    • and many others

    Feedback from Betway Affiliates

    betway partner reviews

    Stanislav, Webmaster

    I signed a partnership with Betway through their affiliate system almost 2 years ago and since then any unpleasant experience I have never felt. It is completely trustworthy and reliable. Receive my payments once a month and at any time stay provided with all the necessary statistics about my progress.

    Eliza, SEO-specialist

    We've experienced of working with various bookmakers, but the Betway impressed us the most. The team of professionals who requires the same from affiliate and if you follow the requirements, you'll become rich. Best reccommendations.

    Webmasters FAQ

    They are attractive. Depending on the scheme you've chosen: for RS it is varying from 25% to 40%, for CPA conditions are building individually.

    All the payments proceeded on 10th working day each month. On May you're receiving payments for April and so on.

    There are bank wire transfer, Neteller, Skrill and PayPal available to choose.

    It is highly respective among the others and widely known as an authority in that business.

    It is a private information. Sufficient amount of partners – let's say so.