Beyond a large-scale players on worldwide gaming market, Betfred takes their place. A British entreprize from its origin, it has expanded a lot over the last couple decades.

Established by Fred and Peter Done in 1967, they have write down their name in history of traditional British bookies. We would like to suggest you to write down your name in company's history either. How? Through becoming a new-one partner for them.

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Betfred affiliate program is a promising opportunity to convert your audience or traffic into a real money profits. From you is expected to attract the audience to the bookie's web-platform instead of getting an interest from each player referred.

The program is operating under the ActiveWins Affiliates Group. The brand line consists of Betfred and various online casinos.

Betfred affiliate review would estimate Betfred affiliates, discover some benefits or pitfalls of it, highlight the key issues while becoming an affiliate and provide you a feedbacks from people, who are already engaged into the program.

Rewarding for Affiliates

The plans of rewarding of the affiliates are quite flexible and can be customized individually. Quite common types of payoffs for affiliates are presented: Cost-per-Action and Revenue Sharing model. Let me tell you about that in a few words.

conditions for betfred partners

Cost-per-Action or CPA is a popular scheme which comply of fixed amount payments for each players have been referred into the platform. The amount is stable and varying only according to the number of players referred. For instance, the smallest rate starts from 25$ and can be risen even to the 150$ as a maximum. It is perfect for a such type of traffic, attracted via arbitrage, for example.

Revenue sharing or RS model is consists of payoffs an interest in form of percentage from total net profit from referred players. In Betfred affiliate system the rates starts from 20% and can be risen till 35% as a highest one. It is perfect for a high lifetime value audience which is attracted via, for example, SEO promotion.

The rates for sports wagering via RS plan are the following:

Player Value




£6001-£12 000


£12 001+


Registration in Affiliate System

To join the team, first you gonna do is to create an account in their system. For that purpose in mind, ActiveWins website-platform would help you to sign up and betfred affiliates login.

registration in affiliate betfred

After you got there, tap the login button and join the team by fulfilling all spaces requested. There is a crucial importance thing – write down all information correctly, because telling wrong information might overs with the lockdown of your account.

You'd be asked for account details, contact details, billing address details and affiliate promotion info. The last one connected with the way you're going to attract the audience.

Betfred Bookie Review

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A brief history of Betfred was mentioned in the beginning of the article. By the way, interesting fact that when Fred and Peter Done established their first shop, the investment for that had come from their winning betslip on England National Team on World Cup 1966.

Nowadays, the network chain of Betfred consists of 1550 shops across the Britain. Furthermore, in enterprise are working over 150 employees.

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Moreover, Betfred has own TV channel which is broadcasting SkySports and BT Sport matches for all customers for free.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

feedback from webmasters betfred

Kirill, Affiliate Manager

I have experienced partnerships with wide range gambling providers, Betfred is the one who has made pleasant impression. They have never try to cutdown a traffic referred, support always responds quickly. Is one of my favourite programs, for sure.

Park-Sun Jo, Webmaster

Betfred affiliate program in favour for me, yeah. They are a part of ActiveWins Affiliates System, if I'm not wrong. I generate a traffic for their Bingo and Casino, can leave only best recommendations. Best commissions, best platform and interface, best support, best all.

Webmasters FAQ

There are flexible schemes, that are customisable either. The ordinary comission rates are shown in the table.

All payouts for affiliates are withdrawing to 20th calendar day each month. The amounts start from 50£.

One of the listed above:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Electronic Transfer
  • Your Punter's account on Betfred

It has great reputation of experienced British bookie corporation.

Exact amount is unknown, instead Betfred is worldwide famous company, so we guess there are a plenty of affiliates. Furthermore, Betfred isn't the only one bookie of ActiveWins affiliates.