Betfair – a giant multi-gaming platform from London, which is offering services in various gambling activities. The whole list of which includes sports wagering, poker, casino and live-casino games, slots and other popular directions. Instead of it, the most powerful direction of Betfair is a bet exchanging platform, which is the largest in the world.

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Since 2016 it is merged with Paddy Power – another large player, so today they are represented as a Paddy Power Betfair Group and their stocks are traded on London Stock Exchange. As you can imagine, the company gains a fortune of profits and what if I tell you that it is a chance for you to share it?

Betfair affiliate system rewards their affiliates for attracting a traffic which consist of new come players to the platform. Betfair affiliates payments can reaches a 30% from total net profit per player which is a numerous amount. In case you're a webmaster, website owner or a blogger with a audience of potential players, you have to try becoming a one of the Betfair partners.

This review would help you to proceed this procedure, covering main questions you might face to, underline key benefits and pitfalls and provide you with a hot feedback from already affiliates of the Betfair. Betfair affiliates review – it's your lucky ticket to the cruise ship titled "profitable future" and it would be a large mistake to give it up.

Commissions Structure for Affiliates

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Betfair affiliates is rewarded via a certain rewarding plan which is the same to each of partners. There is no CPA model existing, which is focusing only on first deposit made and rewards partners with a fixed amount per player. It is based on Revenue Sharing model, which can be characterised as a rewarding plan, which consists of fixed percentage payments from net profits of each referred players to the platform among the whole player's lifetime period.

It means that for each of refereed players you're sharing a total income from his losses in form of 30% interest. The interest rate would be changed after the first year over – then it would be 20% for the 2nd year, 15% for the 3rd, 15% for the 4th and 15% for the 5th.


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

30 %

20 %

15 %

15 %

15 %

All information about your traffic and reports with your profits are always available through your personal account page in the website of Betfair Partnerships.

Registration in the Betfair Affiliate Program

You're already looking forward to become an affiliate, but what you have to do next? The answer is: proceed Betfair affiliates login and signing up. It is important to mention that you supposed to be at least 18 years old age adult to register in the platform. If you're not, please, grown up, buddy.

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For all the rest, our next step is to visit the Betfair Partnerships website, which can be opened directly or through one of the company's brand websites. Once you get there, tap on the button inscripted « sign up now » and prepare yourself to fulfil some info about your person and your company.

It is highly important to fulfil everything in the right way only with true information in. If you're proceed it wrong, all lies would come out sometime, your account would be blocked, funds would be freezed and you life would going to hell. Thus, insert everything correctly.

There you would be asked for you accounts information, like your name and business name, email and phone number, address of living and ZIP postal code. Then you'd be asked for marketing info about your company, like website of it, the category of your business and URL link. In the final stage, you'd be asked for payments info or the way you would transfer your fundings out. The acceptable payment methods are:

  1. Bank Wire Transfer
  2. Skrill
  3. Neteller
  4. Europay

The rules of Betfair Affiliate Program

Once you've been proceeded through the registering, you'd have to wait a several days until your application would be approved. Traditionally, it proceeded quickly.

There are a several rules and terms you've to follow while attracting the audience. They are highlighted in marketing guidance and connected with the ways of attracting audience. It is permitted only to use a fair marketing methods which are not break down an ethics of internet-marketing. Such methods as spamming through search engine systems, via Bloggs or emails, the stuffing of cookies or iframing are prohibited and might be punished with lockdown of an account.

Review of Betfair

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« Betfair Group plc » is a part of « Flutter Entertainment » since 2016 with the headquarters located in Hammersmith in West London. The company's Chief Executive Officer is Peter Jackson and Gary McGann is a Chairman of the Boards. Just to mention, the founders of Betfair were Andrew Black and Edward Wray.

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For affiliates there are available various directions to choose:

  1. Poker
  2. Casino
  3. Arcade
  4. Bingo
  5. Exchange Games
  6. Sportsbook

Feedbacks from Affiliates

partner reviews betfair

Chicago, SEO-Specialist

We've been cooperating with Betfair and Paddy Power for the last year and highly satisfied of it. Experienced been affiliates of various bookie's and comparable to them Betfair is perfectly well enough. The pricing plan is sufficient, interface of affiliates platform is tasty and withdrawals payments are being proceeded without any options. Recommends.

Leopold, Influencer and Blogger

Betfair Affiliate Program allows me to monetise my hobby for which I'm really grateful to them. I've experienced cooperated with Bet365 for a couple of months, but Betfair is higher according to all options. Totally worthy, on my point of view.

Webmasters FAQ

There is only RS-model of partnerships available with 30% commissions.

One time each month.

One of the listed above:

  • Europay
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Wire Transfer

Sufficiently respectful. Like Liverpool FC, I guess.

At least 2 affiliates are in: Chicago and Leopold. However, it's high probability that there are more of them