Betvictor is an old-experienced bettor from United Kingdom, established 1 year after WW2 in 1946. It was founded by William Chandler, who's another version of name had been set up as a title of enterprise.

Since that ancient times, the enterprise has expanded over 1 million active users in 160 countries in different regions worldwide. The company's turn over expanded 1 billion Pounds. Therefore, a possibility to share their profit will make your face smiling.

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Betvictor affiliate system is a major direction of attracting web-traffic to a bookie. While becoming an affiliate, you start representing a world recognisable brand. For attracting the audience, affiliates receive income, according to the amount of players they have referred for certain time period.

Current review would estimate Betvictor affiliates and provide you the latest actual info about their conditions, benefits and pitfalls, pricing plans and feedback from affiliates community.

Commission structure for Affiliates

Commissions structure means the way of getting by affiliates their profits for traffic. Traditionally, there are used a 3 main schemes of rewarding in Affiliate Marketing system. Beyond them Cost-per-Click or CPA system, Revenue Sharing model and hybrid model, which represents a combination of previous one's.

commission for betvictor partners

The pricing plan is customisable thing which can be developed due to certain type of audience directly. In general, betvictor affiliates receive a 30% interest via revenue sharing model for the primary product and 15% for cross over one.

Choosing the primary product would be available during the registration.

Registration in Affiliate System

To start working as a new one affiliate, you have to be registered in the system for the 1st stage. With this purpose in mind, visit the website of betvictor affiliate program and press on registration button.

how to create an account with betvictor partners

After that, you have to spend across 5 minutes by fulfilling spaces with information about yourself, which is requested by the program. Among necessary issues would be your contact details, personal info and address of living, payment information and business info, such as the name of your company, URL of website, etc.

In order to Betvictor affiliates login it is crucial to be a 18 years old age at least and write down everything in correct way. Otherwise, it might tends to some unpleasant circumstances, right up to the lockage of your account, destroy of your reputation and so on.

Rules for Affiliate Program of Betvictor

By becoming an affiliate, you start representing a Betvictor company. Therefore, there is a special guidance of rules and term you have to follow while attracting the audience.

Its called a marketing ethics or guidance as well, there is a full text available during registration stage and you should definitely spend your time and read it.

Some general options we wish to introduce in order to being aware of issues you should not break down. Such issues including:

  • Spamming via blogs and social networks, emails and search engine systems
  • The stuffing of cookies
  • Iframing

You should definitely avoid trying to cheat while attracting new customers. Fairness and honesty are valuable for any time.

Review of Betvictor Company

betvictor bookmaker

As we previously mentioned, the enterprise was founded a long-time before the foundation of the internet. The founder, Victor Chandler (also known as William Chandler), was a great English businessman and sports-lover, who had built up a stadium and for money from it had opened Betvictor company.

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For that reason Betvictor is recognisable as a primeval English bookie with a respectful reputation among others and high-level of demand among players.

Wanna do something great? Join the great company's business via Betviclor affiliates.

Feedbacks from Affiliates

betvictor partner reviews

Christina, SEO Specialist

Promoting a several websites for Betvictor via their affiliate program. We totally satisfied from them and have never faced any challenges during the half a year. Their platform is wonderful, with a informative statistics reports and all necessary information. Support team doing well and players love them. Recommends!

Maia, Affiliate Manager

Betvictor is one of the best, for sure. Worked with a lot of bookies and they are in the leaders board. Quite generous commission plans, incredible web-platform, excellent reputation and lovely support – all that's about Betvictor. My highest mark.

Webmasters FAQ

There is only revenue sharing plan listed with 30% interest rate established. Instead of it, it would be useful to contact support team for affiliates and try to build individual pricing plan.

All payouts are proceeded for 15th working day every month. For current month you're receiving payments for the previous one.

One of the listed above:

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Bank Wire Transfer

They have a reputation of an old English bookie and in trust among players community.

There is no information about that, but the total amount for sure is calculated in thousands.